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Unisex Creations

The Most Exclusive Notes

The essence of unisex niche perfumes is the choice of the most exclusive notes, the creation of perfect accords and a powerful allure that combines the art of the perfumer and sophisticated chemistry.

Parfume has no gender

A unisex fragrance is one that integrates these masculine and feminine essences in such a way as to create a balance.

The Legacy Collection

Each creation in The Legacy Collection is an open invitation to experience the perfect synergy of noble essences, notes and accords, carefully chosen to create these precious elixirs.

Exceptional Raw Materials

Our creations are made with the finest and rarest essences available, predominantly found in nature, to continue to offer our demanding customers a rare and unique olfactory gem.

48% Perfume Concentration

Our fragrances are developed with care and passion in manual processes that require many hours of meticulous work. Thus, we ensure that every detail is treated with the utmost attention.

Haute Parfumerie

With profound exuberance and steadfast commitment, we introduce the captivating realm of MAISON LE CYGNE ,a bastion of elevated perfumery opulence and unrivaled distinctiveness. Guiding this symphony of fragrances is Giovanni Di Santis, the visionary orchestrator responsible for Maison Le Cygne’s artistic creations. His discerning touch and unparalleled expertise, serving as the guiding influence of Maison Le Cygne, infuse each perfume with a sublime amalgamation of rare essences meticulously sourced from the farthest reaches of the globe.

Concealed within each meticulously fashioned bottle lies a compelling narrative of passion, refinement, and an unwavering pursuit of olfactory splendor. Our founders, genuine connoisseurs of exceptional fragrances, present to the world an intricately curated collection titled “The Legacy,” where tradition seamlessly intertwines with contemporary luxury. Each perfume within this collection emerges as a beacon of haute perfumery, a distinctive and enchanting masterpiece—an embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship, unfolding into a symphony of notes that beckons emotions and memories to gracefully sway to its aromatic cadence.

Within the expansive realms of creativity, each bottle stands as an exquisite piece of art. Perfected over time, these olfactory treasures mirror the depth and sophistication akin to the mastery of renowned artists perfecting their magnum opuses. Each delicate spritz of perfume resonates with the opulence, grace, and allure embodied in each inspired creation.

At MAISON LE CYGNE, we ardently espouse the belief that our perfumes transcend the mere domain of aromas; they unfold as narratives delicately etched upon the skin of each wearer. With every bottle, you will encounter our resolute commitment to the transient beauty of perfumes, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world where haute perfumery luxury seamlessly interlaces with distinctiveness, evoking unparalleled sensations within “The Legacy.”


Our perfumed hystory

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